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Artist Statement...

Embrace and Love...

     I am in love with color, texture, atmosphere, depth, and the interplay of light.  I'm always moved by the beauty of the sky and how it connects with Earth giving us these constant changing atmospheres. We are living in hard moments of uncertainty, and by living in quarantine I am reminded that life is constantly shifting and never stagnant just by looking through the window.

     It's by confronting the spaciousness on a blank canvas that I start feeling the need to look inside my memories and find that dreamy place where sounds and scents are recorded.  I work with many mediums, but it's with numerous layers of oil glazes that I achieve the luminosity of the atmospheric quality in my work.   


     Recently, I was very lucky to be introduced to the world of encaustic painting (pigments mixed with hot beeswax), and I'm fascinated by the versatility it provides.  With this technique I am able to initiate a continuous dialogue between my perception and inner experiences. In my paintings, I seek to communicate the feelings I experience of solitude, nature, awe, solace, and transcendence. 

     I will share the mystery of the things I see by giving you time, light, and color... take the ride!

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