• The Forgotten -Bathtub
  •  Little Windows with used teabags
  • Customized My Story Teller Cube


"The antique qualities of these paintings evokes and enhances the historic character of the home whose walls they grace."

My Story Teller Cube: 

"Truly unique and wondrous, like a colorful Renaissance puppet show come to life."

-Patricia and Dan Wolfe, Pennsylvania

  • Flowers with vase

"I'm so happy to discover Katushka Millones' gorgeous oil paintings! Her work is nothing short of exquisite. We framed ours like a museum piece and guests never fail to notice and compliment it. She is an inspired and talented artist."

-Beth Duke, Best selling author, Alabama

Evening with Maria
  • Triptych with Encaustics mixed media

"We purchased 3 Encaustic pieces. They are a lovely addition to our home. The texture and colors are so warm and beautiful! They transport us to a different place!"


-Dr. Laurie Schedgick Davis

That purple bush
  • That Lilac Bush

"Katushka's painting conveys warmth from sunshine under the clouds surrounded by profound beauty of nature. It reflects both a calmness and vibrancy of Mother Earth which I find hopeful and uplifting."