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Katushka Millones is a contemporary artist who lives and works in Brookfield CT, United States. A native from Lima, Peru, her distinctive personal style emanates joy, peace, and expresses the vibrant atmosphere and spirit of the places and moments she loves.

Her dreamlike landscapes, mixed media objects, and paintings, are brought to life in compositions with harmonious colors, often drawn from themes of nature, memory, time, feelings of tension and harmony, and the female experience.

“I'm a storyteller and my paintings of nature provoke, connect, and communicate with the viewer about my inner world, intuitive and personal, reflecting my life as a maker, a woman, a mother, and an inhabitant of our planet Earth. For me nature is an inexhaustible source of inspiration. I'm fascinated by skies, vast lands and the presence of water.”

Moved by Turner's dramatic skies, Cornell's assemblages, and the Old Masters palette, Katushka’s works remain in constant communication with the viewer, who becomes part of a scene trapped in time, of light and shade, of movement and stillness, of sounds and feelings.

Her creative process may be influenced by feelings of joy, peace, nostalgia, and solace, and by deep spirituality, which may be represented by the use of light and shadows, a certain palette or textures. Her paintings are a mix of direct observation, recollection of emotions, and her own imagination, impregnated with different mediums and techniques.

Besides being a Fine Artist for more than 20 years, Katushka holds a bachelor’s degree in architecture from a prestigious University in Peru, where she graduated with honors.

Katushka’s works have been exhibited and purchased in Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Alabama, Montreal Canada, and other locations, as she continues to expand her artistic horizons beyond the United States, while combining her creative time with Art instruction at her private studio in Connecticut.



  • Alain Piccard / Sunset Paintings - Online Pastel Workshops - April 2023

  • Peter Seltzer - Pastel Workshops - 2022, 2023

  • Albert Handell - Mastering Pastels Workshop - February 2023

  • Sadie Valeri Atelier - Alla Prima Oil Painting Online Workshops

  • Bernard Dellario / Academy Art Museum, Easton Maryland - Gouache Workshops - March 2022

  • Center for the Arts /Westchester Community College -White Plains - New York

  • Private instruction at Luci Angulo Art Studio - Lima - Peru

  • Private instruction at Joe D'Leon Art Studio - Lima - Peru

  • Architecture and Urban Design/ Ricardo Palma Private University - Lima - Peru


  • "Focus on 3 Dimensional" group exhibit, sculptures - Ridgefield Guild of Artists - March 2024 - Ridgefield, CT

  • "Conversations with Nature" solo show at Burnham Library - July to August 2023 - Bridgewater, CT 

  • Mark Twain Library - group exhibit - December 2023 - Redding CT

  • New Pond Farm - group show - June 2023 - Redding CT

  • Minor Memorial Library - "Collective Inspired" group exhibit - December 2022 to January 2023 -Roxbury , CT

  • Paint Grand Traverse 2022, Group Show, Selected Juried Artists, Plein Air National event.  Traverse City, Michigan.

  • Kent Art Association Spring Member's Juried Show 2022, Best in Show Award, March 2022 - Kent, CT

  • Mark Twain Library Annual Exhibit-Group Exhibit for selected works by jury 2021 -Redding, CT.

  • Great Hollow Nature Preserve - Group Exhibit for selected works by jury 2021 - New Fairfield, CT.

  • Marty's Cafe and Gallery - Solo show 2021 - Washington, CT.

  • The Hens Nest Gallery - Selected works 2021 - Washington, CT.

  • Ridgefield Guild of Artists Gallery - Valentines Selected works 2021 - Ridgefield, CT.

  • Ridgefield Guild of Artists Gallery - Art of Giving Selected works 2020 - Ridgefield, CT.

  • Ridgefield Guild of Artists Gallery - Art Walk Selected works 2020 - Ridgefield, CT.

  • Artist Portfolio Magazine - Published Selected works 2020.

  • Whiting Mills Artists Open Studios Craft Show- 2019 - Winsted, CT.

  • Whiting Mills Artists Open Studios Craft Show- 2018 - Winsted, CT.

  • Whiting Mills Artists Open Studios Craft Show - 2017 - Winsted, CT.

  • Harrybrooke Park Art Fair - 2016 - New Milford, CT.

  • Brookfield Town Hall - Solo show 2014 - Brookfield, CT.

  • My Art Contest Magazine - Selected works online - Honorable Mention - 2011

  • Tarrywile Park Paint Out event - First Place Juried Exhibit - 2010 - Danbury, CT.

  • Ridgefield Guild of Artists - Selected works juried show - Honorable Mention- 2010 - Ridgefield, CT.

  • Danbury Fair Mall - Juried competition exhibit of selected works - Housatonic Cultural Alliance - 2010 - Danbury, CT.

  • American Institute of Architects (AIA) - Collective exhibit of selected works - 2010 - Rhode Island.

  • Danbury Town Hall - Solo show - 2009 - Danbury, CT.

  • Danbury Fair Mall - Juried competition exhibit of selected works - Housatonic Cultural Alliance - 2009- Danbury, CT.

  • Westchester Center of the Arts - Selected works exhibit - 2004 through 2007


  • Visual Arts Instructor to children and adults - weekly private sessions at her studio - 2016 to present - Brookfield, CT.

  • Sherma Girls Scouts Art Workshops - Meetings on art explorations - Sherman, CT

  • Fun Mixed Media Workshop - Kent Art Association -September 2022 - Kent CT

  • Painting with Teens - Group lesson for teenagers - Brookfield Public Library - 2016 - Brookfield, CT.

  • Painting Parties - Group art sessions - several places in CT.

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